Breaking into High Fashion shoots

Breaking into the world of high-fashion photography is tough. There are models, agencies, designers, fashion trends, doting parents, and styles-several factors to count and keep up with. With a lot of hard work, a professional photographer trying to break into the world of high-fashion can do it. There are three main types of high-fashion photography. First, there is magazine shooting, which can entail editorial work, storyline shooting or clothing shooting. Next there is client shooting. When shooting for a client, a photographer is capturing the season's newest clothing lines, either on a mannequin or on a live person. Finally, there is portfolio shooting, which entails working with an agency to photograph a model, and then compiling the best shots for that agency to use to market the model to their clients. In my opinion, portfolio shooting is the easiest way to break into the world of fashion photography because you can collaborate with models to build your respective books. The goal is to use your book to secure magazine and client shooting. READ MORE

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