Impact of social media on the photography industry...

With billions of photos taken every month, photography is no more considered an art. Rather, it has simply become a way to share our lives and communicate with those around us: something that conversations did in the past. And all the pervasive ways social media is touching peoples’ lives is altering consumer behavior and developing new imaging habits today. Thus, the future of photography for photographers is not what it used to be. The future is changing, and it is for you to figure out, what more you can do with photos, what unique services you can offer. Indeed, what more can you offer?
Collaboration will be the way of the future. Social media platforms facilitate connection and collaboration with individuals and groups across the world to offer innovative photographic services. An example: PhotoTownship. Shortly PhotoTownship will provide a unique opportunity for mass customization and collaboration of photo products/services online. It will allow individuals to do more with photos beyond the format of printed paper. Twitter is a real time communication platform that can keep your audience/clients up-to-date on everything. People are starting to see the broader possibilities of photos and various things they can do with them. There’s a whole shift of perception happening. This is just the beginning of a whole new world, and the sooner we embrace it, the better it is for the entire photographic community.

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