Exposing For RAW? Are you exposing correctly?

Shooting raw has many benefits over anything else. Is it really what you see, really what you get? That is the question at hand. There are special considerations to take into account if you're shooting RAW and you want to be sure that you're getting a proper exposure. Digital cameras record data in a linear fashion. The human visual system responds to stimuli in a nonlinear fashion. Example: You enter a pitch-black room and turn on a 100-watt light; you see a fixed amount of light intensity, as would a digital camera. You then turn on a second 100-watt light, thus doubling the light output. Because humans have a built-in nonlinear visual system, the room doesn't appear twice as bright. Because of the linear behavior of a digital camera's image sensor, how-ever, the camera would record the scene as twice as bright.
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