Atlantans Celebrate Photography " A Boy From Little 5"

Well I found the cover photo for Creative Loafing, a great capture of what ATL is... Atlanta has a rich culture in music and fashion, this photo conveys that to me.

"A Boy From Little 5," 2010
I thought it was interesting how he probably was no older than 10 or 11 and he is wearing this stylish outfit that made him look like a little hip-hop artist. He kind of reminded me of Kid Cudi. When I asked if I could take some pictures of him he started doing all these poses: He gave me the peace sign, he did a salute kind of thing, he leaned back and crossed his arms, and he posed like he was holding a gun, holding it sideways like some gangster. I just thought it was funny how there was this little kid who looked and posed just like any rapper you might see on TV or something. It just shows how much celebrities influence kids and all people really.
— Jack Chapel, 17, Atlanta

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